5 health benefits of chrysanthemum tea

Drinking chrysanthemum tea can bring many health benefits. Although research on the effects of chamomile prepared as a tea is limited, studies conducted using chamomile extract or other forms of chamomile show that herbal teas may have beneficial effects. following health benefits.

May support better sleep

Some people drink chamomile tea to relax before bed and sleep better. Chamomile contains many compounds, such as apigenin (a flavonoid found naturally in plants that acts as an antioxidant), which provides soothing, supportive effects, says Monisha Bhanote, MD. Relaxation and reduced anxiety help people sleep more easily. integrative medicine physician based in Jacksonville, Florida.

A small 2017 study in Complementary therapy in medicine found in a sample of 60 older adults, participants who took 200 mg of encapsulated chamomile extract twice daily had significant improvements in sleep quality after 28 days. Meanwhile, a large review of 12 studies in Research on cytotherapy concluded that chamomile may be a safe and effective option for improving both sleep quality and anxiety symptoms, but the researchers noted that further studies are needed to confirm these findings. this benefit.

May alleviate digestive problems

Drinking chamomile tea can improve digestive problems, including diarrhea, ulcerative colitis, and other digestive disorders. According to Holly Bellebuono, herbalist and author of the book, the mildly bitter tea can also help ease symptoms of indigestion as well as gently stimulate digestion. Instructions for herbal medicine use by herbalists.

Meanwhile, a 2023 study found that chamomile drops were helpful in reducing bloating in patients after gallbladder removal surgery. Researchers note this reaction may be due to chamomile’s ability to reduce inflammation and relax the smooth muscles of the digestive tract. Further research is needed to confirm these properties.

May reduce symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Drinking hot herbal tea, including chamomile tea, can help ease the symptoms of PMS, says Bellebuono. Chamomile can help reduce anxiety, bloating and soothe an upset stomach. Drink hot chamomile tea [may also] reduces inflammation, pain and spasms in the pelvis, which is especially helpful [for] menstrual cramps.

A 2021 review of seven studies found that chamomile may help relieve PMS-related menstrual cramps and reduce bleeding. A separate study found that among 118 participants, those who took 250 mg chamomile capsules every eight hours experienced less severe emotional symptoms associated with PMS than those who took a placebo. .

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