ALEXANDRA SHULMAN’S HANDBOOK: Dieting will only make you lose your sanity!

By Alexandra Shulman for The Mail On Sunday

02:08 October 15, 2023, updated 02:10 October 15, 2023

The other day someone sent me a diet that was posted on the @whineywine Instagram account.

First published in Vogue magazine in the 1970s, it recommends drinking a bottle of white wine a day, eating sirloin steak, and three hard-boiled eggs.

I actually think I might try it, because it’s such a crazy way to diet.

Instead, I signed up for Zoe, the popular regimen that requires you to fit a blood sugar monitor to your upper arm and claims to make you healthier and less tired. Oh, and lose weight.

Who knows whether it will make a difference or not. It will probably be a bit like that, like all the other diets I’ve been on over the years.

But the important question is not whether they work, but why I and millions of others try them.

The important question is not whether they work, but why I and millions of others try them. Losing weight, as any idiot and even the smartest people know, is about eating less as my boyfriend constantly reminds me.

Losing weight, as any idiot and even the smartest people know, is about eating less as my boyfriend constantly reminds me.

‘Move more, eat less, mostly plants and drink less alcohol,’ he says whenever I bring up the subject.

Of course I know this and I know that if I want my hair shorter I have to use scissors.

But the thing about diets is that they escape such basic logic and defy common sense.

Instead of choosing the obvious solution, we persist in believing that there is another way, some magic trick.

It could be eating cheese and grapefruit or putting the body into a state of ketosis where the body burns fat instead of glucose for energy by eating only high-fat meals.

It could also mean subscribing to a scoring regime for each pistachio eaten, as if calculating would solve the problem.

Perhaps the reason many of us like the idea of ​​a new diet is because it helps alleviate the boredom of restrictive dieting.

Additionally, there is a possibility that although we usually know that at the end of a diet everything will return to normal, this time we may have unlocked the key to a slim body new eternity.

Zoe doesn’t consider itself a diet but a way to understand how different foods affect your body. Let’s see how it goes this time.

Why Barbie might have killed Birkies

The Birkenstock sale on Wall Street last week did not go as well as expected. This is not surprising to me. Investors need to think the stock has growth potential, but Birkenstock may have hit its ceiling.

These cork-soled orthopedic shoes, originally orthopedic shoes, have become leading members of the cult of ugly shoes.

But the reason such ugly shoes are popular is because they are uncommon. They aren’t worn because they look like something worn by a Green Party activist, but like much of fashion, they are trendy because they turn conventional ideas of beauty and acceptability on their head. head.

Cult of ugly shoes: Barbie star Margot Robbie in her Birkenstocks

But Birkies are being swallowed up by their own popularity. With so many men and women hanging around, they are losing the elan that once made ugly looks so desirable.

They even appear in Barbie for God’s sake, considered totems of real-world women, as opposed to Barbieworld’s high heels. Surely the death knell for any fashion trend.

Now I will never have Holly’s charms

Somehow I’ve never seen Holly Willoughby on ITV’s This Morning. This program has never been a pressing appointment in my time and although I am a little curious about her success, I still think there will always be tomorrow.

Now that she’s gone, the opportunity has been taken away. And I feel a little disappointed that I’ve never watched this pop culture character on her sofa during the day.

The Wagatha epic doesn’t need any more time

One of the downsides of having to choose between so many new streaming TV services is that most of their content is too long due to the need to spread shows out over multiple episodes.

Coleen was interviewed to tell much of her story. There are so many new things that can be said.

I finally watched the Apple+ documentary, Supermodels, and while there was much to be curious about, it simply didn’t need to be four shows.

I lose the will to live when I watch an anonymous jumbo jet land slowly, land in one of the fashion capitals, or endless footage of crazy paparazzi.

Next up are three volumes of Coleen Rooney’s The True Wagatha Story, which I fear will make the same mistake.

There have been hours of television drama and even a stage play about her battle with footballer’s wife Rebekah Vardy.

Coleen was interviewed to tell much of her story. There are so many new things that can be said. Cue lots of shots of WAGs carrying trophy handbags and Coleen faithfully admiring her man on the field behind her sunglasses. I thought, ninety minutes would easily do that.

Journey back to the 80s with Rupert

There are some moments that drive home the passage of time. One such instance was last week when I attended the new touring production of John Mortimer’s Voyage Round My Father starring Rupert Everett, who is excellent as the cranky, spoiled father played by Alec Guinness for the first time.

Seeing Everett transform into a man with paper skin and thinning gray hair with age is a disturbing shock.

It seems like just a few years ago that he appeared on stage as gay student Guy Bennett in the hit play Another Country, his lanky, tousled and insolent beauty providing the basis for a the student is played by young Kenneth Branagh in all his rugged grit. . But that was a long time ago in 1981. And the world in general is indeed a different country.

The dark side of the Moon plan

It’s sad to think that the Moon could eventually build roads on it using melted lunar dust.

The idea of ​​the Moon, with its gravity and monthly gravitational phases, becoming crisscrossed with highways is incredibly bleak.

I love watching it move around the sky, illuminating the Earth and creating patterns on the ground.

It’s magical and mysterious and should stay that way. Not an extension of this very flawed planet.

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