Continue to perform some surgical operations in hospitals in Libya as part of the localization of health care policy

Yesterday, the Department of Health Services Development and Support (DSDMS) announced the resumption of certain types of surgery, including adult cardiac surgery, pediatric cardiac surgery and thoracic surgery. performed by several experts in Libya at Tripoli University Hospital.

It invites Libyans in need of these specialized surgeries to present the necessary documents to the subcommittee at the Tripoli University Hospital headquarters, accompanied by the following documents.

Gharian Hospital continues to perform joint and pelvic surgery
DSDMS also announced yesterday that joint and pelvic surgery operations are continuing at Gharian Central Hospital, where 24 surgeries have now been performed (up from last week’s figures). The activities are carried out in cooperation with the hospital’s medical staff and with the support of DSDMS.

Chest and lung surgery
Regarding chest and lung surgical operations, DSDMS reports that four operations were performed on two cases in the south, one in Surman and one in Tripoli, at Tripoli University Hospital.

The first knee surgery was performed in Zuwara
Last Thursday (October 12), Zuwarah Al-Bahri General Hospital announced that it had performed its first two knee replacement surgeries. They are performed in collaboration with hospital medical staff and under the supervision of DSDMS. Zuwara Hospital said DSDMS provided all the necessary medical needs to carry out these surgeries.

Provide training
DSDMS said surgeries will continue to be performed in several hospitals across multiple specialties, in addition to training medical staff in complex surgeries.

This is part of the Tripoli government’s plan to localize treatment in Libya to gain value in terms of state spending and convenience for the population. All activities are provided free of charge.

Last Wednesday (October 11), DSDMS reported that Since September this year, it has supported 42 surgeries at Bani Walid General Hospital (18), Gharian Hospital (10), Khoms Hospital (6), Tripoli University Hospital (6) and Heart Hospital. Hospital (Tripoli) (2).

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