Discover the top 5 stylish yoga mats that provide solid support

Check out the best yoga mats online in India to support steady yoga sessions. Choosing the right one will make your workout more comfortable.

The therapeutic benefits of yoga are widely known worldwide. But did you know that practicing yoga on an unsuitable surface can cause negative effects such as poor posture, intense muscle strain, sprains, fractures and injuries? This is why wellness experts, health coaches, and medical professionals urge everyone to practice this ancient practice when using the best yoga mats.

How necessary is a yoga mat?

Yoga mats are a better choice than regular mats because they have strong anti-slip properties. Since yoga involves slippery and sweaty movements, a good yoga mat can provide flexibility and support to maintain stability.

Another well-known benefit of using yoga mats while performing asanas and Pranayam is that they conform to the curves of the body without causing any pain.

Best yoga mats for home and studio sessions

It is important to have and use a yoga mat if you believe in the benefits of yoga and practice it regularly. The yoga mat you buy should be light, sturdy, and have a non-slip bottom. Some of the best online yoga mats in India are listed here!

1. Basic yoga mat from Amazon

This yoga mat is perfect for use in both the studio and at home. It has a textured surface that improves traction and provides superior stability. This yoga mat is made of sturdy foam, lightweight and durable, ideal for everyday use. This mat provides excellent cushioning support thanks to its exceptional thickness.

2. Mantra Yoga mat

Fitness Mantra yoga mats are Made in India products. It is non-toxic and made of biodegradable silicone so it is very safe. The fabric is high quality and quite simple to clean. When practicing yoga, the length of 180 cm and width of 60 cm can ensure comfortable use. Additionally, it provides superior recovery and allows you to maintain balance while participating in any style of exercise.

3. Boldfit Yoga mat

This Boldfit EVA yoga mat has anti-slip properties with a wave pattern on the back and a diamond patterned surface on the front. This yoga mat is made without rubber and is quite durable.
There is no slipping or injury due to its anti-slip properties. Therefore, you don’t need to worry if you sweat a lot when exercising. Carpets are also quite simple to clean!

4. OJS Yoga mat

Compared to regular yoga mats, this mat has a higher density. It has an extra 6mm thick pad used to protect the head. The yoga mat’s textured surface provides excellent grip and is ideal for practicing many types of yoga, pilates and other physical activities. It includes a yoga mat bag, making the product portable and ideal for travel.

5. Amazon brand: Symactive Yoga Mat

Use this great yoga mat to easily perform yoga, pilates, stretching, meditation and other exercises. It is very practical for all yoga lovers with its length of 180 cm and thickness of 4 mm. The fact that it includes a carpet bag, makes it portable and simple to transport, which is its best feature. Plus, since it’s sweat- and tear-resistant, you don’t have to worry about washing it.

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How to choose the best yoga mat for a yoga session?

Choosing the right yoga mat may require a little more thought than just choosing a color or design that stands out.

* PVC mats should never be used as they often contain the dangerous chemical vinyl chloride. Yoga mats made from rubber are often bulky, very sticky, uncomfortable and can cause allergies. EVA is light and durable but not particularly soft or grippy. So, look for a yoga mat that is latex-free, vegan, and made with eco-friendly ingredients like TPE.
*Yoga mats are not something you buy every day. Therefore, a high-quality carpet that is resistant to cracking and peeling is the best choice.
* The beautiful design and special texture can be a great highlight if you are a fan of aesthetics.
* The ideal yoga mat is odorless, easy to wash and easy to maintain.
* Also, look for rugs that are easy to roll up and unroll and do not hold their shape firmly.
* To avoid slipping during yoga poses, the best yoga mat for sweaty hands should have a moisture-wicking top coating. * Plastic mats should not be used as they lack these properties.

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