Dr Michael Mosley says ‘less’ exercise can be ‘better’ for your health

Dr Michael Mosley says exercising ‘less’ can make you healthier. The weight loss expert behind the Fast 800 diet says that taking exercise in the form of a ‘snack’ may be better for you.

In an Instagram post promoting his book Just One Thing, a collection of health tips and simple changes to help you stay mentally and physically healthy, the nutritionist recommended Divide exercises into “bite-sized chunks”.

He said exercising in smaller amounts throughout the day is “just as good — if not better — for your health” than working out for longer.

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Dr. Mosley said his top advice for October is to “exercise less but more often.” He suggests dividing daily exercise into “bite-sized parts, maybe three 10-minute parts” is a good way to make sure you get the recommended half hour a day — and may be better for you. .

“The only reason most people don’t exercise is lack of time,” he explains. “And it can certainly be difficult to find the two and a half hours per week of moderate-intensity activity you need to meet the recommended guidelines.” The doctor continued: “So why not try some ‘workout snacks’? Research shows that snacking on them throughout the day may be just as good – if not better – for your health . Let me know if you try this and whether it makes a difference for you.”

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – SEPTEMBER 16: Dr. Michael Mosley speaks at ICC Sydney on September 16, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. Centenary Institute address as part of the 14th World Congress on Inflammation. (Photo by Brook Mitchell/Getty Images)(Photo: Brook Mitchell/Getty Images)

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Just One Thing, Dr Mosley explained that doing shorter bursts of exercise can help burn more calories, lose more weight and improve your blood pressure. “It’s really easy to fit into your life, especially if you’re not someone who exercises regularly,” he says. “You can start with a few short intervals like going for a walk or going up and down the stairs, then gradually increase it. I think snacking on exercise could really be the answer for people who want to be more active.” more after a busy day but don’t have much time.”

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