Fitness trainer Senada Greca shows off her curves in tight leggings

Fitness trainer Senada Greca is showing off her curves in the new Zentoa collection.

The famous fitness trainer has launched her own swimwear and workout gear brand which she calls Zentoa. The brand just released its third collection, which features seamless fabrics made in Portugal.

Famous fitness trainer Senada Greca shows off her fit figure in tight leggings

Senada Greca first introduced the new collection on October 9, revealing that her latest clothing line has been more than a year in the making as she introduced what she calls the Sculptural Seamless Collection PERFECT.

She says her new activewear features high-performance, 4-way stretch, [and] Double wash seamless fabric. She added, “This has been a year in the making, DREAM COME TRUE.”

In the comments, she wrote, “I can’t even wait. I’m basically living in this collection.

Fans have mixed feelings about Senada’s new Collection

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Not everyone is ready to open their wallets for Senada’s new collection. I need to see the bodies. Not just the ones that fit, one fan commented. Exactly, another follower agreed. Leggings are designed for people with a fit figure. Another user argued that it’s not exactly a good look to pack a spare tire.

Are these good for daily running? I run a lot and sweat a lot, lol.. and I don’t want sweat stains, another follower commented. They are great for running. I exercise and live in them, they are great! Senada replied.

How do underwear handle sweat? Would it look like I peed in my light colored pants if I sweated from head to toe? another fan asked. They are made to handle my sweaty workouts. Laugh. They absorb sweat and dry quickly, but nothing is sweat-proof because that would be unhealthy. I know I may be biased, but they are by far my favorite outfit to wear. Especially the lighter colors, Senada replied.

Senada Greca shares her weekly workout in the new Zentoa Fit

In another recent Instagram post, Senada stepped into the hallway to show off her new Zentoa outfit before slipping on sneakers and taking the outfit to the gym. She shares several different outfits in the video to show off how her workout outfit works through a variety of exercises.

I like the adjustments. Wearing leggings is actually a five-step process. One fan commented: Pulling and tucking, folding and crumpling after the first landing is the only way. Haha. Senada replied: We must always adjust to our preferences.

Daughter! I wish I had your body! I wasn’t sure I would look that good. Maybe I just need the black one! another follower wrote. I’m sure you’ll look amazing in any outfit, Senada replied.

Other fans questioned why she was wearing sneakers without socks, while the video showed her exercising only in socks. It’s unclear when Senada wears socks, but she usually only works out in her socks, whether she’s at the gym or not.

Senada Greca shows off her perfect leggings on launch day!

On October 12, Senada shared a video on Instagram showing why her Perfect Seamless Collection is superior to other leggings, highlighting that they are squat-proof and not there are gaps. It’s not that I’m crying now because I’m so happy after 1 year of its founding, but that the dream of many years has come true, she wrote in the caption.

Introducing@zentoaEarthy Classics Seamlessly! Designed to help you workout not only in style but also in comfort. “Limited quantity reduction,” she added. We ship worldwide, so wherever you are, you can join the Zentoa revolution.

How does it suit super curvy gym girls? I have a very small waist and big butt and hips. One fan commented that every pair of leggings I’ve ever bought has always had gaps in them. Hello love. I completely understand you. They are great at hugging your curves and firming your waist. Senada replied: You should check the website to see some of our models.

If you are between sizes, would you recommend going up a size? Or are these quite stretchy? another follower asked. They have good stretch but are still compressed. According to standard measurements, I measured XS at the waist and small around the legs. So I wear both size small and XS comfortably. The XS gives me a more fitted look, while the Small fits snugly and comfortably. So it depends on which style you prefer, Senada replied.

Interested in more Senada Greca content? In another recent Instagram post, she showed off her toned abs during a core workout that she did outdoors in a two-piece bathing suit that’s also from her Zentoa collection ! Fans can watch the incredible performance by clicking here!

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