I had a life-threatening allergic reaction. I filmed a TikTok instead of using my EpiPen


A TikTok influencer is raising concerns about not using her EpiPen while experiencing a life-threatening allergic reaction as she continues to film.

Shivaika Sewlal, 22, has attracted hundreds of thousands of followers on social media by posting videos sharing how she lives with more than 40 allergies, eczema and asthma.

She recently went viral with a pair of clips documenting a severe allergic reaction from an unusual source.

In a TikTok that has garnered 22.9 million views since it was posted late last month, the young girl from Cape Town, South Africa was left with severe bruising on her face and a swollen eye.

“I didn’t realize I was having a life-threatening allergic reaction,” Sewlal wrote on the video.

Shivaika Sewlal recently went viral with a pair of clips that captured a severe allergic reaction from an unusual source.

She insisted that she felt completely fine, although she admitted that she didn’t look right and that she couldn’t see clearly.

Sewlal said she was initially unsure whether she should go to the hospital, but eventually decided to go because her reaction was becoming increasingly uncomfortable.

Her face was so swollen that the facial recognition technology in her apartment could not identify her.

In the hospital, she explained to the doctor that she was confused because she hadn’t eaten anything she was allergic to and didn’t take the EpiPen because she wasn’t sure she needed to.

The doctor clarified she should have.

Sewlal seemed unfazed by the whole ordeal as she received adrenaline shots in her thighs and arms and intravenous fluids while filming continued.

Her face was so swollen that the facial recognition technology in her apartment could not identify her.

A doctor walked in on me doing a TikTok. Feeling so embarrassed, she whispered at one point.

She finally understood the severity of the situation as medical staff continued to examine her.

The scary thing is that I was actually planning on taking an allergy pill and then going to bed, she lamented. I think I’m being too dramatic, but, like, everyone is pretty tense here.

In a follow-up TikTok posted the same day, Sewlal shared what caused the incident.

Well, I just learned that if I touch something that touches peanuts it could kill me, she explained.

I was so confused because I didn’t touch an actual peanut. I touched something that still had peanut crumbs on it and I rubbed my eyes after touching it. That’s when I started to swell.

Sewlal summarizes for viewers: When in doubt, go to the hospital.

The Post has reached out to her for comment.

Fans expressed concern in the comments section of her videos.

“Baby, this is for me to use my epipen situation,” one person cried.

In fact, you were wondering about going to the hospital and you CLEARLY should have done so. It was wild!! another person exclaimed.

I know the doctor was stunned, he declared for the third time.

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