Landon Barker, 20, recalls abusing alcohol amid his mental health struggles


Landon Barker opens up about his struggle with alcohol

Landon Barker has opened up about his horrific experience struggling with alcohol abuse and mental health problems last year.

It initially started with a bad habit with alcohol, Travis Barker’s son told People in an interview published Monday.

“I abused it and just abused the substance,” the 20-year-old recalled, adding that he had been suffering from depersonalization disorder for months.

It was terrible, and I experienced heightened OCD, heightened ADHD, and heightened anxiety, all while simultaneously being detached and feeling like I was in a video game.

I’ve watched my entire life through a movie screen. It’s truly terrible.

The 20-year-old singer exacerbated his ongoing mental health issues by drinking too much.

Landon previously opened up about his mental health on social media in August 2022.

My ability to cancel reality is really bad and I just wanted to come here and tell everyone that you [sic] is not alone and we are all imperfect in our own ways,” the Friends With Your Ex singer shared on his Instagram Story at the time.

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According to the Mayo Clinic, depersonalization-derealization disorder makes people feel as though their surroundings are not real and can make them feel disconnected from their emotions and the people around them.

Landon told People that his struggles with psychosis and subsequent alcohol abuse became a recurring cycle.

Travis Barkers son (seen here in 2010) revealed that he has depersonalization-derealization disorder last year.

It all started with: I drank, then the next day, I really dissociated, and that’s how my heavy drinking habit began. It’s like, oh, I’ll feel better as soon as I have a drink, and yeah, it’s just started and it’s happening so fast.

However, the musician said he stopped drinking around this time last year after suffering a concussion.

“When I got the concussion, I kind of had to deal with it and I don’t know, I hated life for three or four months,” he said.

I remember I would go to the hospital once a week just because I would have bad panic attacks at everything that was going on.

Landon shared that he currently only drinks alcohol on special occasions.

Although the issue was never directly addressed, Landon hinted at his hospitalization in August 2022 when he posted an image of his medical bracelet.

Regarding his current drinking habits, the Death of California singer told the newspaper that he only drinks alcohol in moderation.

“I think it’s 100% important for me to not fall back into that habit again,” he shares, adding, “I always tell myself, now I will only drink alcohol on special occasions. I just stay away from everything.

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