Not a morning person? 12 energy-boosting exercises that will convince you

I’ve been out of the morning workout game for a while now. Where I once rushed out of bed, ready and energized for class at 6 a.m., I now face a daily battle with my alarm clock. It’s a scene many others experience when going downstairs and relying on your (lucky) cup of coffee to wake you up. I’m not going to lie: compared to my previous morning person state, my sluggish and slow start to the day is less than ideal. And because there’s something so satisfying about being at your peak fitness, I’ve found the best morning workouts to start your day right.

Let me be clear: you don’t have to be a morning person to establish healthy habits. Morning hours are not for everyone. Depending on our sleep patterns, some of us function best in the morning while others feel most energized later in the morning. Before convincing yourself that morning exercise is a must, do a little research and reflection (keeping a journal can be helpful) to better understand what you need and what’s realistically appropriate for you. your day.

If you’re a mom and can’t take a minute for yourself before the kids go to school, take some time for lunch. Or maybe you’re booked around the clock and looking forward to your precious evening workout hours. But if you’re looking to get your morning workout in, read on. These are the best exercises to build strength, energize, and connect with your body and mind before starting your day.

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Benefits of morning exercise

That 30-minute workout you do in the morning will have a different impact later in the day. Taking into account everything from your metabolism to your mood to your energy, when you workout matters. Although common sense might suggest that exercising in the evening will make you tired before bed, in reality, people who exercise in the morning receive this benefit. Studies have found that exercising in the morning can help you sleep more deeply and with fewer interruptions throughout the night. To maximize the benefits, try exercising outside. The first thing is that exposure to natural light can help regulate your circadian rhythm and help you produce more melatonin at night.

In addition to better sleep and increased energy, benefits of morning workouts include:

  • Improve mood
  • Increase concentration
  • Regulates blood sugar levels

Anecdotally, I personally find that if there is a lack of motivation to workout, it will only continue to decrease throughout the day (as well as the excuses simultaneously piling up). Want to make sure you get that workout? Do it in the morning.

Morning exercise 10 minutes

Practicing Yoga for good movement + Good

Device: Yoga carpet

While improving your mobility isn’t as sexy as six-pack abs or a toned upper body, making it a priority is a key factor in promoting longevity. This is a great exercise if you don’t have a lot of time but still want to warm up before starting your day. It’s a fun, heart-opening flow that moves you through poses including Downward Facing Dog, Cobra, Child’s Pose, etc.

10 minutes of morning yoga with Adriene

Device: Yoga carpet

Adriene Mishler is a favorite here for her habits and purposeful mindset. A favorite in the online yoga world, millions have flocked to Adriene over the years for her soothing voice and approachable routines. This morning yoga practice is specifically designed to help you bridge the gap between sleep and the start of your day. Not only is it a lovely stretch, it’s also an invitation to enter your morning with candor and clarity.

10 minute booty workout with the Livestrong Women resistance band

Device: Yoga mat, resistance band

I love working out with a good resistance band. Not only is the rack incredibly effective at engaging your muscles, but it’s also less impactful on your joints (i.e. less risk of injury). And while this is a seat-specific exercise, using a resistance band will activate your core as your body works to maintain balance throughout the pose. With burpees, side squats and glute bridges, trust me, you will feel this.

Morning exercise 15 minutes

15 minute good morning workout @MadFit

Device: Yoga carpet

Low-intensity, low-impact exercises are a great way to get the blood flowing first and foremost without putting too much stress on the body. With different Pilates positions and stretching moments, this quick workout is the right choice if you’re looking to establish a stronger mind-body connection before starting your day.

15 minute barre3 signature workout with Allison barre3

Device: Yoga carpet

Barre3 is my go-to workout program and I’ll shout its praises until I’m blue in the face. This low-impact routine combines strength conditioning, cardio, and mindfulness for a super effective full-body workout. Actually feel good. If you’re looking to make amends, pay attention to the girl in the background. She will give you the guidance you need to ensure you get the best workout.

15-minute low-impact cardio workout for the lower body

Device: Glider or paper plate

PSA: You don’t have to go for a run or spend an hour in the cycling gym to get effective cardio. With squats, lunges and mountain climbers, this workout will get your heart rate up quickly. You might be surprised at how slow some poses are, but if you’ve ever held a plank position for more than 30 seconds, you know that you don’t need to move at all to break a sweat. My other favorite part of this workout? Instructors provide clear verbal and visual instructions to ensure your technique is at its peak.

Morning exercise 20 minutes

Full body HIIT Pilates workout for 20 minutes

Device: Yoga carpet

This is a fun compound workout if you like routines that incorporate it. It starts with a slow, yoga-inspired warm-up and progresses to Pilates poses designed to stretch and challenge your body. While the poses will challenge you in subtle ways, there’s enough time to rest between exercises, making this a great workout for beginners or anyone just starting out. back to your habits.

20 minute low impact full body workout @growwithjo

Device: Yoga carpet

The smile on her face is proof enough: this is a mood-boosting and feel-good workout. To set the tone for your day, enjoy a vibey playlist, following the rhythms and movements that feel intuitive and pleasing to your body. You may sweat because even though the exercise is simple, you don’t stop moving for 20 minutes.

20 minute full body Barre workout + Good

Device: Yoga carpet

Barre exercises are designed to challenge the body through small, targeted movements. Expect to work your glutes, core, and lower body with kickbacks, bicycle crunches, and multiple squats. You will feel balanced and energized after the 20 minutes are up. Finally, there is also plenty of time for stretching to ensure you have space to cool down and recover.

Morning exercise 30 minutes

30-minute full-body Pilates workout to increase strength and flexibility Isa-Welly

Device: Yoga carpet

If you want to start your day comfortably feeling relaxed and full of energy, press play. Out of all the instructors in this selection, Isa-Welly is my favorite. Her voice is very soothing and her cues help you go deeper into the poses and experience better alignment in your body. Soothing music, creating a rejuvenating space for you to start a new day full of energy.

30-minute full-body HIIT workout with Natalie White PopSugar Fitness

Device: Yoga carpet

PopSugar Fitness is a treasure trove of all types of workouts to help you achieve success no matter how you feel. For those who want a little more intensity in the morning, this HIIT workout features moves that target your entire body, with a particular focus on your arms and core. Expect planks, inversions, burpees and more. Fitness trainer Natalie White is joined by Madisyn Sloane Maniff and Luisa Fonseca, who will each guide through modifications so you can do the workout yourself. It’s completely customizable, helping you finish this sweaty workout feeling confident and energized.

30 minutes to boost mood and relieve anxiety Cardio workout @growwithjo

Device: Do not have

If you need a big mood boost, this is the exercise for you. @growwithjo brings his usual refreshing energy to this 30 minute cardio workout. The majority of the exercise gets you moving and on your feet, but heart-pumping poses are strategically combined with squats and stretches, helping you activate your muscles and provide a feeling of well-being. completely during exercise.

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