The patient had surgery without anesthesia in Gaza because the WHO ran out of medicine

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that patients are being operated on without anesthesia in Gaza because supplies are too low, announcing that its drug warehouses in the strip are now completely empty. .

Doctors are having to make impossible choices as medical supplies quickly run out amid a comprehensive siege by Israel, while despite efforts to open a humanitarian corridor with Egypt, measures such as so it hasn’t been done yet.

The blockade, combined with continued Israeli bombing of the 42km area, has caused severe shortages of items including morphine, saline solutions and surgical supplies which the WHO said would out in the next few days.

According to WHO officials, local and general anesthetics across the spectrum are on the verge of running out completely, while blood banks have only a two-week supply left.

Blood pressure and diabetes medications, epilepsy drugs and drugs needed for dialysis and heart disease are also at critically low levels.

My mother-in-law kept fainting. Sameh, a 36-year-old photographer in Gaza, told us we couldn’t find a cure for her cancer. Independence. Yesterday she fainted at the bakery while waiting for bread. I do not know what to do.

The blockade, combined with Israel’s constant bombings, has caused severe medicine shortages (Mohamed Al-Masri)

The warning about lack of supplies comes amid concerns about those injured in a deadly attack on a hospital in northern Gaza on Tuesday night, which is believed to have killed hundreds of people, including evacuated children.

Gaza’s top doctors told The Independent they were forced to perform surgery on the wounded on the ground. Independence were sent videos showing medical staff tending to injured people in pools of blood on the floor.

Dr. Medhat Abbas, director of al-Shifa, Gaza’s largest hospital, told The Independent that some of the wounded died from their injuries because medical teams were overwhelmed by the number of casualties, especially following the bombing of al-Ahli hospital on Tuesday. night.

Surgeries are being performed in hallways without anesthesia. Hundreds of people are gathering in the hospital’s hallways, in front of the operating rooms and in emergency rooms on the ground. He said the majority are children.

Mohamed Ghanem, an emergency doctor at al-Shifa, said there was a lot of space in operating rooms because of the mass casualties. He also said doctors are trying to perform surgery in the hallway without anesthesia.

Dr. Richard Peeperkorn, representative of WHO, said: We no longer have any supplies or equipment left [our] Gaza warehouse. Hospitals are relying on their last reserves of supplies, [while] Medical staff are having to make impossible choices to allocate the few remaining supplies, including operating without anesthetics.

Palestinians injured in Israeli shelling are being treated at a hospital in Khan Younis, southern Gaza (AP)

Palestinians injured in Israeli shelling are being treated at a hospital in Khan Younis, southern Gaza (AP)

The health system is collapsing and collapse is imminent unless aid is allowed in. I plead for water, food, fuel and medical supplies to be allowed into Gaza. The time to ring the alarm is over. Gaza is collapsing before our eyes.

The WHO team in Gaza handed over anesthetics purchased from the local market but only enough to support 50 surgeries requiring general anesthesia. Dr. Peeperkorn added that this doesn’t even scratch the surface of what is needed.

He said that WHO trucks loaded with supplies had been waiting at Egypt’s border with Gaza for five days but could not cross because no aid corridor between Egypt and Israel had been agreed upon. There have been many reports of Israel bombing border areas. The supplies just sit there. Can’t get in. He added that those who died inside could be saved. Wednesday evening, following a visit by US President Joe Biden, Israel said it would not hinder shipments of food, water or medicine from Egypt, as long as they were limited to civilians in Egypt. south of the Gaza Strip and did not go to Hamas militants. President Biden said the Egyptian president had agreed to open the border gate and let in an initial group of 20 trucks carrying humanitarian aid. He added that if Hamas confiscates the aid, everything will be over. White House officials said aid would begin arriving as early as Friday.

On Tuesday evening in Gaza, an attack occurred at al-Ahli hospital, which is sheltering hundreds of displaced people (AP)

On Tuesday evening in Gaza, an attack occurred at al-Ahli hospital, which is sheltering hundreds of displaced people (AP)

Another concern is a ground invasion. The Israeli army ordered the evacuation of all civilians, including hospitals, from northern Gaza to the south.

The WHO said the injured would not be able to move and the order could constitute a war crime of forced removal. It recorded 57 attacks on healthcare facilities, leading to the deaths of 16 medical workers.

The United Nations warns that clean water is running out across the strip of land, home to more than 2 million people, half of whom are children.

Fuel for generators that power hospitals will run out in the next few days and food stocks are dwindling, raising fears that civilians will die of thirst, water-borne diseases and famine as well as from bombing.

On Tuesday evening in Gaza, an attack occurred at al-Ahli hospital, which is sheltering hundreds of displaced people. Gaza’s health ministry blamed Israel for the attack, saying more than 470 people were killed.

The Israeli military has vehemently denied these allegations and instead blamed the failed rocket launch on Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Israeli officials said the death toll was exaggerated.

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