‘Tranq’ animals are dipped into Ohio and Kentucky’s fentanyl supply

A Northern Kentucky doctor examined a patient who was hospitalized for weeks when caregivers removed all of the skin on her forearm to save them from amputation.

Dr. Mike Kalfas said the woman had taken the opioid fentanyl contaminated with an animal tranquilizer that causes tissue death, a condition that is becoming increasingly common in the Cincinnati area.

I am educating my patients,” Kalfas said. I told them, look, there are some bad things that could be in your drugs that Narcan won’t save you from.

That stuff is xylazine, commonly known as tranq dope, and it’s the latest challenge in the opioid epidemic. The drug is cheap and easy to get, so sellers add it to their fentanyl supply to multiply profits. It prolongs the euphoric effect for drug users but causes chaotic health conditions.

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Image Source : www.cincinnati.com

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