Woman says date ended after she ate 48 or more oysters, sparking debate

There is a heated debate on social media over whether a woman who said her date invited her out for drinks had the right to order nearly 50 oysters, some potatoes and crab cakes, along with multiple drinks that followed. he appears to have skipped payment or not.

The woman who goes by Equana on social media chose Fontaines Oyster Bar in Atlanta as the location for their first date because she was going to go anyway and it had the best oysters in Atlanta, she said. said in the video with 5 million views on TikTok and 28 million on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Equana also said in the video that her date had been texting her for weeks to talk to himself and that she agreed to meet him because she was bored and had time. Plus, oysters are only $15 a dozen on Tuesdays, so Equana ordered four dozen (that’s 48 oysters). She also ordered some potatoes and crab cakes.

Equana said her date made an excuse before the bill arrived and never came back. The explanation for the text date was that he invited her out for drinks and she ordered all the food, according to a screenshot Equana showed in the video of what she said was the exchange of them after she texted him asking why he left early without paying. He offered to send her money just to buy a drink.

Social media users were interested in Equana for a myriad of reasons, including over-ordering, possibly fabricating a story about a date (some claimed she was there alone), not pay the full tip and record on your phone instead of enjoying your date. Some protected her and offered to come to Fontaines with her in the future. Others disagree with the behavior of both sides.

Equana did not immediately respond to TODAY.com’s request for comment. She said in the video that she wasn’t planning on ordering 48 oysters, but they were delicious.

The total bill came to $185, and Equana said in a follow-up video that she tipped $15.13 on her card and another $11 in cash, for a total of $26.13, or 14% tip.

Online commenters shared their thoughts on the bivalve.

4 plates of slimy oysters is crazy, one person said on X. Cholesterol and infections.

48 oysters Is anyone crazy inside but just for the first date? someone else asked about X. That’s wild.

He’s better than me because I would have left after the second disc, another reviewer declared.

The worst part is that she just used her phone to shoot oysters with flash throughout the entire date. By the 40th slurrrrpppppp I’m so bored! others speculate.

Lol, her intentions were wrong when she joined, so now she has to pay the fee,” one user tweeted. So funny.

Others speculate that there is no date at all and that the entire situation is fabricated. Fontaines did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but the restaurant confirmed to Rolling Stone that employees saw her out on a date and the general manager, Kelcey Flanagan, told the outlet that the date was returned to the table after Equana paid the bill.

I don’t know what was said, the manager said. But he turned around and then they left.

The manager added that the amount of oysters Equana ordered was on par with the amount Fontaines usually sees from customers.

“I will say, it’s been a minute since I’ve had a female eat that much,” Flanagan said. But then, you know, she’s eating crackers and things like that. But yes, she put it away. It’s quite impressive.

There is a group of people online who also support Equana.

Girl, are you free on Tuesday, we can put Kobe’s number on that scale lol, someone said on X.

I’m not angry at either of them as I see both sides. I love oysters but I also can’t imagine someone pounding them for more than 10 minutes, someone commented on her TikTok post.

Others blame both.

Oh she was wrong for that, should never have gone out with him.. he didn’t have to leave like that though haha ​​he could have told her, someone said .

I don’t condone the actions of either side but on his part, why didn’t he bring some more food because we were hungry and the baby girl didn’t need to eat all that but at the same time it was good for her? her because she doesn’t really have to eat. Since he asked her out, someone has interfered.

However, most people seem to side with Equana.

Oh…so this is why guys don’t date anymore. Note, said one Twitter user.

Ayoooo. She actually insulted the guy for not paying for her meal. She knew better than that. Must have bullied him or something, another person thought.

That’s just what she gets. Hope she learned a valuable lesson that day,” another said.

Flanagan hopes people will show Equana the same kindness she showed Fontaines workers.

She was great, Flanagan said. I just hope she doesn’t get into too much trouble.

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