Virginia elections will shape cannabis policy (News release: October 17, 2023)

SAFER banking poll shows support falling; Tribal medical marijuana cards issued in NC; Airline employee reinstated after marijuana test

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Virginia House and Senate elections next month could eventually pave the way for legal cannabis sales to begin, or they could set the stage for rolling back already-achieved cannabis reforms, depending on which party ultimately takes control of the agency legislative.

Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians has begun issuing North Carolina’s first medical marijuana patient cards as statewide legislation stalls. Tribal members separately approved a broader referendum on adult-use marijuana legalization last month.

A new poll from the American Banking Association found that 55% of Americans want Congress to pass a cannabis banking bill, but that was a drop in support from a previous survey the group conducted last year.

A maintenance technician for Alaska Airlines person who was fired for testing positive for marijuana is being reinstated at the discretion of the arbitration panel.

Chelsea Boyd of the R Street Institute argues in a new Marijuana Moment article that as banking reform and federal realignment loom, lawmakers and regulators must not forget about the unique needs of patients medical marijuana.

Missouri Marijuana Regulatory Board has issued guidance warning cannabis microbusinesses that any sale of their licenses must comply with rules requiring people from disadvantaged communities to continue to own multiple number.


United States Department of Agriculture has launched a course on hemp acreage reporting requirements.

Senator Kevin Cramer (R-ND) discussed his support for cannabis banking legislation.


The Oregon The legislature’s Joint Interim Committee on Addiction Response and Public Safety will hold its first hearing Wednesday.

Before Arkansas representatives are taking a stand against new lawsuits alleging fraud in medical marijuana licensing.

Utah Regulators have introduced rule changes that allow certain healthcare facilities to operate as designated medical cannabis providers.

New York Regulators have announced that several new cannabis dispensaries will open this week.

Missouri The regulator has published a fact sheet on cannabis use by teenagers.

Michigan Regulators will host an educational session on cannabis-infused edibles on Thursday.

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The Lancaster County, Nebraska The sheriff discussed his concerns with the legalization of medical marijuana.

The Lebanon, Oregon The City Council is considering placing a question on the ballot to ban the sale of psilocybin.


of France The country’s medical cannabis pilot program will continue to expire at its current March 2024 date, the health minister said.

ONE Mexican The senator is planning to file a bill to legalize psilocybin after personally experiencing the benefits of using the hallucinogen.


One study found that providing scientific information about cannabis “cultivates more positive or neutral attitudes, which may be reduce stigma and promote a more informed perspective on cannabis.”


Association of Flight Attendants posted a warning that use of CBD products is not a reason for a positive marijuana drug test.

Maine Cannabis Alliance is a newly formed organization that advocates for cannabis industry workers.


Verano Holdings Corporation will begin trading on Cboe Canada on Wednesday.

March and ash is suing other companies for illegally selling hemp-derived products.

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