12 bodyweight exercises that will actually make you stronger

Lots of at-home exercises promise to make you healthier, but not all of them are actually good at the job. If your heart is pounding out of your chest and you’ve lost count of how many times you’ve done it, then maybe what you’re doing is Are not a good strength training exercise.

Most of those exercises aren’t difficult enough once you get past the beginner level. If you’re strong enough to squat 100 (or 200, or 300) pounds in the gym, your muscles won’t face much of a challenge from air squats, no matter how many times you do them.

As well as with Lift heavy objects in the gym, appropriately challenging bodyweight movements are those that you can only maintain for a small number of repetitions and require you to rest before the next set. So let’s look at some moves that actually fit the bill.

Pull the Jackknife

IN this As an alternative to pull-ups, place your feet on a block or bench, then perform pull-ups (or chin-ups) as usual. It’s easier than strict pull-ups, so you can do these even if you can’t do actual pull-ups. And if you Maybe do a few real pull-ups, you’ll be able to do more of these.

Pike push-ups

This move More difficult than push-ups but easier than handstand push-ups. By supporting the weight of your legs on the floor or bench, you only need your arms strong enough to push the weight of your torso up. Make it harder by elevating your legs more and keeping your torso upright; Make it easier by lowering your legs.

Shrimp squatting

Squats get a lot harder when you take half your leg out of the equation. Shrimp squatting is a variation in which your other leg is kept behind you. They are harder when you hold your foot and touch your knee to the ground, and easier if you lightly support your other foot on the ground or on a bench or box. Watch the video above for more tips on how to do them.

Foot bath with two chairs

Dips are a great exercise for your arms and chest, and ideally you’ll find a pair of parallel bars to do them with. (Many parks have one as part of the exercise trail, or you might even be lucky enough to find a set of railings in the right spot.) If that’s not an option and you’re not ready to start Invest in a pair of gymnastics rings or a freestanding rack. Dipping station, always there Soak in two chairs. Place each hand on a chair and lower yourself as far as you can comfortably between them, placing your feet on the ground if necessary. To make this move more difficult, place your hands on the back of a chair instead of the chair or find another high surface like a pair of kitchen counters.

stepped up

This is another squat alternative, and you can add more weight to this move if you want. These step forward Not a six-inch aerobics class. Get yourself a nice tall box (or chair, bench, landscape rock, what have you) and step up on it and back down. Make it easier by checking the lower box; Make it harder by moving slowly or grabbing a heavy object.

Reversed row

Aside from pullups, there aren’t many bodyweight exercises that target the biceps and lats. That means inverted rows are one of the most important elements of your bodybuilding routine. You can do them on a bar (but again, a railing or something similar might work) or try this version which you can do under a sturdy table.

Harop curls

If your hamstrings don’t hold up to the deadlift, give it a try this bodyweight movement, works some of the same muscles. The only thing you need is a place to anchor your legs – your partner can hold them down, or you can put your feet under the couch or tie them to the couch. The main feature of the curl is that you bend your hips while leaning forward. For a more difficult version, see the next slide.

Nordic style curls

Notorious person Nordic curly hairstyle is a difficult but effective exercise. Like with pullups, you can work towards them using negatives or with straps or doing Harop curls until you’re ready to try this more difficult variation.

Inverted Nordic curls

This move starts from the same position as the Nordic curl, but you rotate your body backwards instead of forwardsWork your quadriceps instead of your hamstrings. Stronger by Science has an article as well about why this move is good for your quads, but honestly, it worked my quads and not the one-legged squat.

Copenhagen board

Copenhagen board Work your adductors (inner thighs) as well as your core. Think of them as an extra spicy sideboard. You can do them more easily by doing them from your knees or from a lower height, or by supporting a little with the other leg.

Negative pull

If you’re not satisfied with jackknife pullups, give them a try negative version of the usual type. Slowly lowering yourself to the ground will help build the same muscles to pull you up. You can step out of the box, like in this video, or just jump to the top of the bar before lowering it.

Deploy Ab

Ab wheels are great, but you really don’t need one to do it. You can place your hands on fitness rings or TRX style suspension trainers or just do as in the video above and Place the slider under your hand. You can buy sliders or improvise them with any movement that’s easy on your workout surface. (Paper plates are surprisingly effective on multiple floors.)

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