Man in gym refused help and asked to clean up after himself, doing so maliciously

Building muscle has long been of interest to many people, whether for beauty reasons or practical reasons. Modern bodybuilding was developed in the late 19th century, but its origins date back to ancient Greece.

Nowadays, most people develop their bodies in the gym, which has its own culture. But while most people are happy to help each other to save time and make things easier Reddit story tells us, some not only refuse but do it in a way that can bring the situation to the brink of physical conflict.

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While common gym courtesy is welcomed but not required, pandering to others is a step too far

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A bodybuilder took it to the toxic compliance community to share how he dealt with a guy at his local gym who condescendingly refused to help

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The guy started removing the plates he used and to save time, he asked for help from a fellow gym-goer waiting in line, who told him to clean up the mess himself. its chaos


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When asked to stop when he satisfied the lazy guy, the cruel author refused and continuously removed the disc, making the other guy mad and could barely contain his rage.

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The author of the post added that he would have had no problem complying without malice if the other guy had been more polite

Our story begins with the original poster (OP) being in the gym doing his regular workout routine. He was doing leg presses when another guy approached him and asked him how many sets he had left, to which the post author replied that he had just finished.

To better understand this situation, you need to know that OP is a healthy man who is exercising with very heavy weights. Taking off 10 plates on each side takes some time, and at most gyms it’s common to help others, which saves time and gets a little extra workout. But when OP started the process and asked for help, the other guy refused, saying it was the author’s mess so they had to be taken away all turn off.

Wanting to clarify the situation, the big man asked again. When he received the same answer, he simply continued his mission alone. When it was almost done and there were only 3 plates left on each side, the other guy, who had been spending time waiting on the phone, told him to stop and said that this was the weight he needed.

This is where malice appears in the OP’s compliance. He replied that because he said it was his mess and he had to deal with it all That’s exactly what he would do. To quote the author: “If I must personally bear all MY burdens, then you must personally bear all YOUR burdens.”

While the big guy finished talking and walked away, the other guy was completely angry but restrained himself from saying or doing anything else because according to OP, he probably realized that this wasn’t who he wanted to fight.

This story received very mixed reactions from fellow Redditors. Some people agree with the OP, saying that helping when it involves both participants is simply common courtesy, while others treat this thread like an Am I The post A-Hole (AITA) than and urges the author to brag about his work. muscular and rude.

In later edits, the big guy explained the situation in more detail, saying it wasn’t the other guy’s unwillingness to help that agitated him, but the condescending tone in which he choose when to say it. He assumes this type of help is part of gym culture but says if it was a polite refusal, he would have no problem doing the work himself and leaving the plate without the other guy demanded. The author also admits that his talk about how much he lifts weights could come across as bragging, but according to him, he only said that to better illustrate the situation.

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While this situation can be viewed quite subjectively, the behavior of some gym attendees upset everyone except them and we at Panda is bored decided to expand on them to put this story into a better perspective. Based on Burn every day, of the two thousand people who responded to a survey by Nuffield Health, 74% were in some way guilty of poor exercise etiquette. This includes using someone else’s water bottle or towel, exercising without using deodorant, going to the gym when sick and having symptoms, and even not washing clothes between sessions. practice.

In addition to surveying, Burn every day also introduces us to the “Gym’s Most Wanted List,” which includes the types of people that every sports club-goer has probably met at least once. It includes but is not limited to people hoarding equipment, not cleaning up after themselves, showing off, working extremely loudly, not respecting the personal space of others or even trying to attack others just want to get. Their representation is complete. And the worst thing is that they often don’t see anything wrong with their behavior.

So in the end, all you need to avoid falling for this type of “wanted poster” is to remember to bring common sense when going to the gym. And when it comes to more subjective questions, such as whether you should help others unburden themselves to be friendly and save both of you time, you should remember the saying “ If you give, you will receive.”

But hey! What do you think? Who do you think was right? Do you have any fun gym encounters of your own? Let’s share below!

Reddit members in the comments section are quite divided, with some agreeing that helping is common courtesy and others saying the poster is simply being rude for being petty.

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