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Onsen & Bloom Clarity Steamers are unique bath capsules made with all-natural, scientifically proven ingredients, including lemon, grapefruit and eucalyptus. The transparent steamer does not contain synthetic and harmful compounds. Additionally, these natural ingredients provide therapeutic citrus and eucalyptus treatments, helping to transform your shower into a relaxing space.

The Clarity Steamer provides total rejuvenation of the body and mind as well as long-lasting benefits. In this article, you can learn everything you need to know about the Onsen & Bloom Clarity Steamer.

What is the Onsen & Bloom transparent steamer?

The Onsen & Bloom Clarity Steamer is a special bath capsule designed to help transform your bathroom into a rejuvenating space. It is made up of all-natural, clinically proven ingredients that are free of synthetic fragrances and harmful chemicals. The main ingredients in the internal steamer include lemon, grapefruit and eucalyptus. As the name suggests, Onsen Clarity Steamers is inspired by Japanese hot springs called Onsen.

Besides its cleansing properties, the Onsen Clarity Steamer also serves as a place of total relaxation. Transparent steamers encapsulate the same healing and mindfulness as these tranquil hot pools. Additionally, the Clarity Onsen Steamer lets you harness the power to transform your bathing experience into an oasis of wellness and rejuvenation. Unlike serene hot pools, Clarity Steamers allow you to enjoy a holistic body and mind experience at a relatively affordable cost of $2 per bath.

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Main ingredient

As mentioned above, Onsen & Bloom Clarity Steamers have a unique formula with completely natural ingredients. Including:


Grapefruit helps improve skin condition, aids digestion and boosts energy. This ingredient is rich in vitamin C, which helps protect your skin from aging, inflammation and sun damage. It helps reduce stress and tension.


Studies have shown that eucalyptus has antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and analgesic (pain-relieving) properties. Eucalyptus helps improve mood, relieve pain and provide respiratory care. Therefore, eucalyptus therapy while bathing helps soothe muscle pain.

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Yellow lemon

Lemon helps remove excess oil and impurities from skin pores, helping to reduce the risk of blackheads, blemishes, and acne. Additionally, this ingredient provides immune support, deep relaxation, and invigorating benefits.

How to use the Onsen & Bloom Clarity steamer

Choosing the best way to use the Onsen & Bloom Clarity Steamer will allow you to enjoy maximum benefits. Here is the recommended procedure to follow:

First, place an Onsen Clarity Steamer in your shower. Then, let the steam and water activate the pill before getting in the shower.

Once activated, you can enjoy the wonderful scent of grapefruit, lemon and eucalyptus. This helps to experience complete rejuvenation of body and mind as well as long-term health benefits.

Experience the amazing benefits of peace of mind, mood enhancement and stress reduction.

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Reasons you should consider using the Onsen & Bloom Clarity steamer

Clarity Steamers offer many benefits. Here are some reasons you’ll love the Clarity Onsen Steamer:

All Natural: As mentioned above, Onsen has a unique formula containing completely natural and scientifically tested ingredients. Clarity Steamers come with authentic aromatherapy, including grapefruit and eucalyptus therapy. It is also free of synthetic fragrances and harmful chemicals.

Immediate relief: Clarity Steamers provide instant relief. When you place the tablet in the shower, the water and steam immediately activate the scent. The steamer delivers a wonderful aroma, turning the bathroom into a place of relaxation.

Environmental friendliness: It comes with 100% compostable and recyclable packaging. Eco-friendly packaging lets you recharge without feeling guilty.

Refresh: Eucalyptus therapy provides a refreshing effect that allows you to breathe more freely and deeply within minutes.

Health: The Onsen & Bloom Clarity Steamer offers a number of health benefits that contribute to your overall well-being. Citrus and eucalyptus healing therapy provides long-term health benefits.

Affordable luxury: Unlike heated swimming pools, the Onsen & Bloom Clarity Steamer allows you to enjoy an affordable luxury experience for less than $2 per shower. Once activated, the sauna emits soothing steam that helps relieve stress and tension.

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What customers say about Clarity Steamers

One of the customers said his morning was full of stress and rush before discovering Clarity Steamers. After using the steamer, the smell of eucalyptus and citrus filled the air in the room, and he felt his stress melt away despite his initial skepticism. He said he felt cleaner, more relaxed, and ready for daily activities after showering. He claims the steamer makes his shower feel like a quick spa trip before breakfast.

Another customer says that using the Onsen & Bloom Clarity Steamer allows her to enjoy “me time,” something she rarely finds as a mother of three. This experience made her a habit, the moment of bathing, something she always looked forward to. According to her, the benefits of fragrance and natural ingredients are more than just a regular treat, they make taking a short break from parenting a real escape from her busy schedule. She believes Clarity Steamers are worth every penny spent on them.

The other customer said she discovered Clarity Steamers after trying almost every type of shower booster to no avail. Therefore, she was skeptical about the Onsen & Bloom Clarity Steamer. However, after trying them on, she felt they were genuine. The calming scent from the citrus and eucalyptus therapy cleared her sinuses and gave her a lasting sense of peace. Now she claims to have recommended the steamer to all her friends.

Another customer said he first mistook the Clarity Steamers for a urinal after receiving a tablet from his girlfriend. However, his friend explained to him that the tablet allows you to experience spa effects while bathing. He admits that he didn’t expect that “eucalyptus mood enhancement” would be so important to his life, but now he feels like he can’t avoid it. According to him, taking a morning shower at Clarity Steamers makes you feel like you spent the whole day at a spa. He even recommends steamers for ladies looking for something special to give to their men. Additionally, he advises men to keep girls who give them one of the steamers because it is a sign that she is a keeper.

Finally, another customer said she experienced choking and congestion, making breathing difficult. At first, she was skeptical about the vaporizer but then spent time researching the uses of lemon and eucalyptus. After learning about the healing properties of these ingredients, she changed her mind and decided to try the steamer. She now uses Clarity Steamers in the shower, taking deep breaths to inhale the refreshing and healing scent. This helps improve her breathing all day.


Onsen & Bloom Clarity steamers are available online, with increasing discounts if you order in bulk.

  • Order a bag (15 steamers) for $29.99
  • Order two bags (30 steamers) for $59.99
  • Order three bags (45 steamers) for $66.99
  • Order four bags (60 steamers) for $89.99

All orders come with a 30-day 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee, allowing for a risk-free purchase. If you are not completely satisfied with the Onsen & Bloom Clarity Steamer, you can contact them for a full refund.

  • Email: info@onsenandbloom.com

frequently asked Questions

Q: What is the Clarity steamer?

Answer: Clarity Steamers are unique tablets designed to turn your shower experience into a wonderful getaway. The pills contain scientifically tested, all-natural ingredients such as lemon, grapefruit and eucalyptus. These ingredients allow you to enjoy total body and mind rejuvenation as well as long-term health.

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Q: Is the Clarity steamer safe to use?

Answer: According to the manufacturer, Clarity Steamers are made from carefully selected ingredients. The formula is safe for users because it does not contain synthetic fragrances or toxic chemicals. These steamers are also ideal for almost all skin types. However, the manufacturer recommends patch testing if you have specific skin allergies and concerns.

Q: Can I use Clarity Steamers every day?

A: Yes. Clarity Steamers has an all-natural formula that does not cause any side effects. So, you can make these steamers a daily habit for long-term health benefits. The refreshing effect from the sauna allows you to start the day feeling relaxed and end the day feeling refreshed.


The Onsen & Bloom Clarity Steamer delivers a unique and rejuvenating bathing experience with all-natural, scientifically proven ingredients. The blend of lemon, grapefruit and eucalyptus provides physical and mental benefits, promoting relaxation and lasting wellness.

Clarity Steamers has received thousands of customer reviews for its instantly soothing and transformative effects, making it a valuable addition to your daily routine.

Switch to all-natural, scientifically proven bathing solutions. Try Clarity Steamers today!


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