GoLocalProv | News | You Can’t Stop Fentanyl – Froma Harrop

GoLocalProv |  News |  You Can't Stop Fentanyl - Froma Harrop

Tuesday, October 17, 2023 Froma Harrop, Columnist View larger + Froma Harrop, Columnist PHOTO: File Fentanyl has killed more Americans than the wars in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan combined. And lined up behind it are still more vicious street drugs. The Department of Justice could prosecute Chinese companies that produce fentanyl and the precursors used … Read more

Mexican fentanyl smuggling group stops bringing opioids into the US

Mexican fentanyl smuggling group stops bringing opioids into the US

The Sinaloa Cartel has ordered all members to stop selling fentanyl The message comes in the context that the cartel is under strong pressure from US law enforcement agencies Tensions have recently increased within the cartel since one of El Chapo’s four sons was arrested and extradited to the states. Mexico’s top exporter of fentanyl … Read more

‘Tranq’ animals are dipped into Ohio and Kentucky’s fentanyl supply

Xylazine is often mixed with fentanyl and it can cause severe skin ulcers and wound necrosis if injected repeatedly.

A Northern Kentucky doctor examined a patient who was hospitalized for weeks when caregivers removed all of the skin on her forearm to save them from amputation. Dr. Mike Kalfas said the woman had taken the opioid fentanyl contaminated with an animal tranquilizer that causes tissue death, a condition that is becoming increasingly common in … Read more