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Bodybuilding is a profession that involves taking risks in terms of dietary choices, supplement intake, and workout intensity. Sometimes, however, these risks manifest into the worst-case scenario for some athletes. Fitness icon Derek from More Plates More Dates recently sat down with Dr. Peter Attia to discuss a tragic incident involving the death of a fitness influencer and why athletes Bodybuilders can face death at a young age.

The bodybuilding world was shocked to hear of the passing of Jo Lindner aka Joesthetics. The 30-year-old fitness influencer has sounded the alarm about health safety issues in the fitness industry. While Lindner is one of the more recent cases, Derek points to an alarming list of bodybuilders who have died at young ages.

“Just uncontrolled blood pressure, and you know, basically the heart function is destroyed and the hearts are larger than they should be…”

Derek took bodybuilding risks that led to his early demise

As the death of German bodybuilding icon Jo Lindner sent shockwaves through the masses, Derek brought it up to highlight how common young deaths are among gym goers. exercise. Amid the discussions about PEDs and supplements, what surprised the bodybuilder were Lindner’s extraordinary measures to control his blood volume and health.

“By bodybuilding industry standards, he’s more of a fitness model and uses less drugs, uses significantly less drugs, eats less food, he’s always in a calorie deficit, his body is lean all year round, at least he does a lot of cardiovascular exercise. like over 10,000 steps a day, eating clean…as if there was no objective reason at least why he died at the age of 30”

However, despite all these extra steps, Jo still passed away after suffering an aneurysm in her neck. Derek mentioned speculations behind one of the reasons for his death being that the two booster doses of the vaccine contributed to the blood clots, but nothing has been confirmed yet. Dr. Attia even added that an autopsy in such cases is always helpful in determining the real cause.

So what is the most common cause behind the death of young bodybuilders?

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Speaking of types of aneurysms, Derek also mentioned other bodybuilders who have faced tragic deaths early in their bodybuilding careers.

“I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Rich Piana, but he was a very famous and influential bodybuilder in the fitness industry and he passed away at the age of 40 with uh, I think it was like a 660gm heart, and then Dallas McCarver is probably the most notable…he’s like a giant monster by IFBB Pro standards, like one of those guys on the Olympia stage but really The fact that he was the biggest among the people on that stage…his heart weighed about 860gm or something.”

While bodybuilding as a sport has evolved over the years, Derek observed that many deaths occurring in young athletes were due to various forms of cardiovascular problems. The use of multiple medications combined with intense physical activity, a strict diet and many other factors combined to contribute to a tragic outcome.

“In general, what I see from the autopsies of some fairly young bodybuilders is that it’s almost always a cardiovascular problem.”

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While the demise of Joesthetics still has many mysteries behind it, Derek and Dr. Attia’s various observations throughout their podcast shed light on many aspects of the bodybuilding and fitness industry. Unfortunately, tragic events are part of the sport, but the right research and reasoning behind them can help make the industry a better place.

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