Research: Inhaling orange essential oil reduces Cortisol levels by up to 84%

There is something so comforting about entering a room that smells good. A pleasant scent can instantly boost mood or reduce stress, depending on the scent and the emotions and memories we associate with it. And the scent of essential oils can be even stronger. Case in point: orange essential oil. The oil, extracted from orange peels, has a sweet citrus aroma, exactly like a freshly peeled orange, and it has been linked to many health benefits, from a happier mood to improved health. slimmer body. Read on to discover 6 benefits of orange essential oil along with expert advice on how to get the most out of this healing oil.

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6 benefits of orange essential oil

Just inhaling the invigorating scent of orange essential oil has many research-proven benefits. In my practice, I have witnessed firsthand the transformative power of medicine, says Lulu Shimek, ND, a naturopathic physician at Kale Diagnostics, a holistic medicine practice. This fragrance. Perhaps the most powerful benefit of this oil is its ability to enhance mental abilities. Indeed, in a study published in the journal Frontiers in neuroscience, Researchers at UC Irvine found that people who inhaled the scent of a blend of six essential oils, including orange essential oil, improved cognitive performance by 226%. (Click through to read more about that study and how essential oils can improve focus and memory.)

But it turns out that orange oil alone has independent benefits!. Here are six benefits you can start enjoying today:

1. Orange essential oil helps reduce anxiety

Dr. Shimek says orange essential oil is a natural and aromatic antidote to anxiety, bringing a sense of peace even on the most stressful days. With its high limonene content, this oil has shown promise in alleviating symptoms of anxiety and stress. Evidence: A journal studyAdvanced biomedical researchfound that smelling orange essential oil significantly reduced cortisol levels associated with anxiety and stress in children. Their study looked at patients undergoing a simple dental procedure and found that those in the orange aromatherapy group reduced their cortisol levels by 84%, while also seeing an 82% decrease in heart rate. (Click through for more ways to reduce morning cortisol so you feel less stressed all day.)

2. Reduce carb cravings

High cortisol levels, which spike during stress, increase hunger hormones and promote sugar cravings. Cortisol is a bully, and if it’s high, it affects all the hormones in our bodies, says women’s health expert Sara Gotttfried, MD. When you rush from one thing to another, your cortisol levels rise even higher, causing sugar cravings. There’s no doubt about that.

Indeed, a Yale University study found that people with high cortisol levels had stronger cravings for sweets. And it’s no surprise that they gained 89% more weight over a six-month period than those with lower cortisol levels. So, the study finding above that simply inhaling orange essential oil reduced cortisol levels by 84% suggests that it also reduces sugar and carb cravings.

3. Orange essential oil quells pain

A study inIndian Journal of Palliative Careshows that the aroma of orange essential oil can relieve pain. In their study, patients who were in a hospital emergency room for fracture treatment who had a pad containing four drops of oil pinned to their collars had significantly lower pain scores than patients who Otherwise, do not use oil.

4. It improves your mood

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Orange essential oil has compounds that have an uplifting and mood-enhancing effect on the body and has been shown to help reset something in the body called the HPA axis, which refers to the hypothalamus and the hypothalamus. pituitary in the brain, as well as the adrenal glands. explains natural health expert Michelle Schoffro Cook, PhD, DNM, creator of The Essential Oils Healing Deck. Indeed, a study published on Journal of agricultural and food chemistry found that inhaling the scent of orange essential oil significantly reduced signs of depression in subjects, while also regulating levels of brain hormones that play a key role in mood and depression.

5. Orange essential oil helps increase energy

Scientists report in the journalMoleculessays the 26 aromatic compounds in orange oil stimulate the sympathetic nervous system, leading to a burst of energy, while also increasing glucose levels and fat burning in muscle tissue, doubling energy and endurance in nearly two weeks. hour every time I smell it. Additionally, you can get the benefits even if you don’t have a bottle of oil on hand by nibbling on orange slices or sipping on some OJ. (Click through to get expert advice on regulating the nervous system and how it can help you feel your best.)

5. It helps you easily recover from stress

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When under chronic and constant stress, it’s hard to put those nagging worries aside when it’s time to relax. Good news: Orange essential oil can help. A recent study in Construction Engineering Magazine looked at the use of orange essential oil during breaks from work and how it helps people relax. They found that when participants rested in a room where orange essential oil was diffused, their heart rate variability (the time between heartbeats is a measure of how well your body handles stress) increased significantly. straight) increased up to 48%, helping them restore their normal state. Let go of stress and take the opportunity to breathe. And this is in addition to the cortisol reduction mentioned above. (Click through for The Three Good Things Approach is the simple balm you need if you’re burned out.)

6. Orange essential oil prevents weight gain

Animal research shows that taking orange essential oil may even be a smart strategy for people trying to lose weight. In a study published in the journal Biological Sciences, Biotechnology and Biochemistry, overweight mice given an orange essential oil capsule for 15 days gained 41% less weight than mice not given the capsule, and they experienced significant changes in the makeup of their liver and adipose tissue. Researchers explain that orange essential oil impacts the levels of proteins, hormones, and hormone receptors in the body, improving your ability to lose weight.

How to get orange essential oil benefits

There are two main ways to use essential oils: diffuse and inhale the aroma and then apply topically.

Get benefits with a diffuser

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Inhaling the oil works quickly through the olfactory system, meaning nerves in the nose detect the compounds and quickly transmit signals to the brain, Schoffro Cook said. This is the fastest method to reap the benefits of the oil. And while you can simply open the bottle and take a few puffs, experts agree that pouring it into a diffuser will ensure you’re exposed to the scent for longer.

Do: Just add a few drops of orange essential oil to a diffuser, such as the InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser (Buy on Amazon, $13.99) and let it spray the scent into the room. In general, you will want to diffuse the room for at least 15 to 20 minutes to receive the full benefits.

Get the benefits by applying it to your skin

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When you apply oil topically, beneficial compounds move through the skin. Applying the oil to the skin can have beneficial effects on whichever part of the body it is applied to, and some compounds move directly through the skin where they reach the bloodstream and can travel throughout the body. to produce medicinal effects. , Schoffro Cook explains.

Do: To apply essential oils topically, you will mix 1 to 3 drops of oil with half a teaspoon of carrier oil such as coconut oil or mineral oil (this allows you to cover a large area without applying too much essential oil). , as some can cause skin irritation) and applied to the skin like perfume.

Things to pay attention to when buying orange essential oil

“I encourage people to buy essential oils directly from the essential oil company or from their local health food store because many products on the market are adulterated,” says Schoffro Cook. She adds that many products sold in department stores or online stores are aromatherapy oils, not essential oils, and there are big differences. She explains that in the best case scenario, they won’t work because they don’t contain any therapeutic ingredients but are just synthetic versions of them. At worst, they are often toxic and can harm human health.

Look for a brand backed by third-party testing that discloses the origin of their oil and specifies the beneficial compounds it contains. Some we like: Young Living Orange Essential Oil (buy at, $16.45 for 0.5 oz bottle) and Rocky Mountain Oils Orange Essential Oil (buy at, $8.95 for 0 bottle, 5 oz).

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