‘Dietary’ weed claims to be highly effective without causing anxiety in children

'Dietary' weed claims to be highly effective without causing anxiety in children

By Cassidy Morrison Senior Health Reporter for Dailymail.Com 06:02 October 20, 2023, updated 08:34 October 20, 2023 More than half of retailers use bright, sparkly packaging that attracts teens Almost no e-commerce sites verify the age of customers before purchasing READ MORE: Marijuana use among children has increased 250% in the past 20 years Delta-8 … Read more

Healthy ways to deal with anxiety – When carpooling

Healthy ways to deal with anxiety - When carpooling

You’re just worried, right? Or are you experiencing real anxiety? What should you do. All were nervous and trembling. Feelings of sadness and fear are normal reactions today. Tragedies, national and personal, can affect us in different ways. Some people may be worried about the rise in anti-Semitism and afraid to go to places like … Read more

Mayo Clinic Q&A: High-functioning anxiety

Mayo Clinic Q&A: High-functioning anxiety

Dear Mayo Clinic: I have always been a high achiever, both personally and professionally. But I struggled with a whirlwind of worries and thoughts, constantly doubting myself and striving for perfection. I’ve heard the term high-functioning anxiety and I feel like that’s what I’m experiencing. How can I navigate and deal with this? REPLY: It’s … Read more

Psychedelics may treat symptoms of depression and anxiety better than prescription antidepressants for patients with advanced cancer

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In people with advanced cancer, hallucinogenic drugs such as psilocybin, LSD, and MDMA can significantly reduce the severity of symptoms of depression and anxiety. About 10% of cancer patients feel anxious, while 20% report depression. However, current research shows that currently available prescription antidepressants do not significantly reduce depressive symptoms in cancer patients compared with … Read more

Stress and anxiety: The difference and how to know how you feel

We all have a limited amount of resources in many different areas, such as time, money, emotional strength, and the social capital of friendships. All of this facilitates our ability to respond to the demands of life’s events. When the demands placed on us far exceed those resources, we experience stress. To put it simply: … Read more

Nomophobia: New insights into psychological factors influencing phone separation anxiety

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A new study provides insight into the factors that influence the fear of being separated from one’s cell phone, also known as nomophobia. An important finding is that improving interpersonal problem-solving skills equates to a reduction in nomophobia. Additionally, emotional intelligence has been found to be associated with stronger interpersonal problem-solving skills and reduced stress. … Read more