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Chris Bumstead is taking full advantage of his private gym, the Butt Lift Club as he prepares for Olympia 2023. Recently, Bumstead has been working on his back and biceps to get ready to fend off challengers his throne. He also shares his high-carbohydrate eating days and posts videos on YouTube.

Chris Bumstead is a Canadian IFBB Pro bodybuilder. He is arguably the most famous active bodybuilder in the world today and the 28-year-old’s name has become synonymous with the dominant term in the Classic Physique category for nearly half a decade.

Bumstead is a four-time Classic Bodybuilding Olympia champion and has won the coveted trophy from 2019 to 2022. The tournament is home to some of the youngest and most talented bodybuilders in the sport this sport. However, CBum overcame its opponents quite easily to protect its top position for a long time.

Although his time in bodybuilding competition is coming to an end, the 28-year-old still aims to win a few more Classic Physique Olympia titles before calling it a career. Additionally, speculation about the Canadian’s prospects in the Men’s Open has increased steadily over the past year as a number of respected experts have urged the champion to test himself in the men’s major weight class.

However, Bumstead’s main goal is to take home his fifth Classic Physique title at Olympia 2023. This has been one of his most challenging competition preparations but Bumstead has improved steadily, as demonstrated in recent physical updates.

Chris Bumstead shares his high-carbohydrate day

This is a high-carb day in Chris Bumstead’s current diet, where total carbohydrate intake for the day increases to 500 grams from 250 grams. His high-carb day meals are quite similar to the 2700-calorie contest prep diet that CBum follows. Increasing his carbohydrate intake was the only change in his meals.

A high-carb day means each meal will have about 100 grams of extra carbohydrates. He didn’t share the entire fun day in the video but shed some light on his breakfast, pre-workout and post-workout meals.

A few days before the competition, Chris Bumstead’s weight did not decrease, but he felt sluggish and tired after training and dieting. At this time he had been away from Olympia for 5 weeks.

So this feels like my last chance to stuff myself with a bunch of food and not have to worry about being delayed a day or two because I’m indulging.

So Bumstead chose this day to increase his carbohydrate intake on this special day.

Try this carbohydrate calculator.

Here’s what high-carb meals look like:

Meal 1

  • Oats – 70 grams
  • Whole eggs – 2 pieces
  • Cinnamon bagels – 2 pieces
  • Full sugar tomato sauce
  • Blueberry
  • GDA (Glucose Disinfectant)
  • Whey Protein – 1 scoop

Meal 2 – Pre-workout meal

  • Fresh Atlantic cod – 200 grams
  • White rice – 250 grams
  • Rice cakes – 2 pieces

Meal 3 – Post-workout meal

  • Fried sweet potatoes – 500 grams
  • Magnon fillet – 180 grams

Chris Bumstead does back exercises

The cable stands on one arm in a low row

Bumstead begins the workout with moves learned from Eddie Shephard’s quality muscle. Earlier this year, the duo trained together quite a few times and CBum figured this was a great time to start working out again.

Your elbows are close to your body and you rotate your body away from the weight. Therefore, you will be able to completely stretch your muscles without having to rotate your body too much. Chris Bumstead explains: This machine isn’t really heavy but feels great to boot.

After doing a few sets of the exercise, CBum moves on to the main exercise.

Bend over a row of dumbbells

This is considered the first heavy compound movement of the day. However, Chris Bumstead created this exercise with the specific goal of targeting the lower lats. He explained:

Really try to focus on pulling low into the hips instead of high to hit the trap less, hitting lower latitudes – something Hany is trying to push me to do more because I’m always trying to trigger His traps are excessive. Maybe that’s why I always have headaches. We’re just trying to get a little more depth, thickness in the lower back.

Chris Bumstead tries to press and hold the weight above to focus on muscle contraction. He lowers the weight using slow, controlled movements to increase time under tension. After finishing the first two sets with an overhand grip, defending champion Classic Physique Olympia used an underhand grip for the next two sets. The underhand grip directs the center of gravity more toward the bottom and hips.

Pull down latitude

Next, Chris Bumstead does a lat pulldown on the Panatta converging lat pulldown machine.

He said I’ve done three pull-downs so I want to do more pull-downs and the Panatta machine has been great for me.

CBum feels comfortable carrying three plates on each side to perform this exercise because this is a high-carb day. Typically, he likes to limit the weight to two-quarter panels on either side. He performed three good sets of the exercise using overhand, underhand, and neutral grips to stimulate different parts of the muscle with unique angles.

The T-row is supported by the chest

The T-bar row is one of the most important and effective back exercises. This movement engages most of the upper posterior chain muscles and helps impart thickness and width to it. CBum does a chest machine variation to further stimulate the back muscles and goes back to working with vertical pull-ups.

Pull down Lat medium neutral grip

This is the last back exercise in the workout. The Canadian bodybuilder performs solid sets using a neutral grip bar to work the lats and then proceeds with the only biceps exercise of the workout.

Dumbbell standing curl

Bumstead performed standing dumbbell curls with progressively heavier weights. Although this muscle group is stimulated with most compound pulling movements, Bumstead also makes a point to emphasize it with isolation exercises like dumbbell curls. He did a few good sets of the exercise in the last part of the workout and called it a day.

Overall, the workout includes:

  • Standing One Arm Cables Low Rows – 2 sets of 10 to 12 reps each
  • Bent Over Barbell Rows – 2 sets with overhead grips and 2 sets with underhand grips
  • Lat Pulldown – 3 sets of 10 to 12 repetitions (each set with forehand, overhand and neutral grips
  • T-rows with chest support – 1 heavy set with 4 panels and 1 drop set
  • Medium Neutral Grip Lat Pulldown – 2 sets of 10 to 12 reps each
  • Standing Dumbbell Curls – 2 sets, 12 to 15 reps each

CBum about ideal competition preparation time

The preparation time for the competition is one of the debated topics. While some bodybuilders feel that they achieve the best results after eight to 10 weeks of preparation, there are others who feel that the longer the preparation time, the better for their physique. Chris Bumstead shared his thoughts on this and said:

I honestly think at this point, 16 weeks is the minimum. This is the leanest season I’ve ever had. And I started at about 15-16 weeks. Then I had a five-week period of nothing, right?”

He added:

And I was still able to regroup and get where I needed to go because I gave myself enough time. But if I had had a good 16 weeks, I would have been able to eat again, like every week, my metabolism would have sped up, mentally I would have been a lot better off because I eat more food.

Chris Bumstead concludes:

It’s so much better to do it that way instead of having to screw it up and put your body down and not feed it again for days. So if I can give advice, prepare longer than you think. You won’t atrophy, especially if you do the refilling properly.

Bumstead doesn’t want to lose too much weight in a short period of time and risk his health. This is also an important reason to start preparing early.

Olympia 2023 takes place from November 3 to 5 in Orlando, Florida. With less than three weeks until the show, Bumstead is now focused on perfecting his physique. It will be interesting to see if this year’s tournament catches up with the dominant champion.

Watch the full video below, courtesy of Chris Bumsteads’ personal YouTube channel:

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