I’m a celebrity trainer – my simplest workout tips and a star I named my move after her

A CELEBRITY fitness trainer has revealed that a Real Housewife looks so good at her workout that he named a workout after her.

Fitness guru Isaac Boots may specialize in toning the bodies of major stars, but he also told The US Sun about the “easiest thing you can do” to stay in shape.

Celebrity fitness trainer Isaac Boots shared his easiest workout tips with The US SunImage Credit: Dean Isidro Image Source
Isaac Boots and actress Lisa Rinna wear Boots’ Torchd Powered By Kilgogear activewearCredit: Getty

As a Broadway dancer and choreographer, as well as a personal trainer, Isaac Boots has worked with superstars in the entertainment industry.

His clients include Gwyneth Paltrow, Kelly Ripa, Vanessa Hudgens, Ariana Grande, Priyanka Chopra, Hugh Jackman and Brooke Shields.

During the pandemic, Boots regularly worked out daily on Instagram Live and raised more than $1.5 million for the charity No Kid Hungry.

His livestreams became so popular that Hollywood celebrities joined in.

One Bravo star in particular caught his attention.

“We named our side leg extension after Lisa Rinna because, during our first livestream fundraiser, she looked great doing it,” he said.

Additionally, he calls the pulsing side plank exercise the Lizzie Tisch “because she always says it’s the hardest.”

But while those stars are really working up a sweat, Boots is constantly finding easier ways to stay active.

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He launched an exclusive activewear collection on September 8, Torchd Powered by Kilogear, designed to help burn more calories and fat faster while staying toned.

Each pair of leggings, shorts and tops is designed with built-in weight pockets that can be purchased in small weights.

This can amplify results, targeting key muscle groups and triggering them to work harder with each movement.

“The easiest thing you can do is wear workout gear, and that’s the beauty of my partnership with Kilogear,” Boots told The US Sun.

He said these eight items will burn up to 40% more calories during the day when worn.

When combined with high-performance fitness equipment, he promises it gives you the most bang for your buck by putting in less effort and still seeing results.

“Adding small workout moves when wearing pieces from the collection will also help you achieve more results,” he added.

Boots has shared some signature workout tips that work with or without his brand if you don’t want to go to the gym or prefer to exercise at home.

He recommends working out the upper and lower body while wearing weighted arm or leg bands, $40, or weighted lifting leggings, $130.

Boots claim that leg lifts and circular rotations will tone, activate and target your core muscles with the added weight in the equipment.

He also emphasized the importance of exercise in your daily life.

I’m a firm believer in staying moving as much as possible and the easiest thing you can do is walk,” he said.

“If you’re going out to dinner with friends, make reservations somewhere you can walk easily.”

If you’re interested in another workout that’s a little more intense, Boots recommends doing “a series of simple arm rotations and flips.”

“You can do this standing or kneeling,” he says. “Engage your core. Put on a song with a good beat.

Boots often warm up with a series of pile exercises and arm exercises that activate the entire bodySource: Photo credit Joel Olivo

“I love anything Madonna, and go as long as I can without letting go.

The sought-after coach uses similar techniques when working with his celebrity clients.

When he works with a star, they often have limited time and need to work out, so he often warms up with a series of arm exercises that activate the entire body.

“After doing a few variations, we’ll move on to a plank series that includes touching shoulders and hips and opposing knees to elbows,” he explains.

From there, the class moves into a forearm plank position and does some side planks and side planks, right and left.

“I think the plank series is the hardest because you have to stand and move from the middle to the right and left and depending on who I’m working with, the series can get longer and longer,” admits Boots.

Then he likes to do some arm exercises, targeting different parts of the shoulders.

Next, he focuses on pulsing and moving his legs through all angles, focusing on his core and glutes.

“Once both sides are done, we do a series of ab exercises that include some contractions, hip pulsations, and core pulsations,” he continues.

For a little break, he adds dance-based cardio in between each section to increase heart rate and keep energy flowing, so the entire workout feels like a dance.

Boots launched an eight-piece activewear collection, Torch’d Powered by Kilgogear, in SeptemberImage Credit: Dean Isidro Image Source

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