People swear by the ‘3-2-8’ weight loss workout: ‘I lost so much weight’

If you’re ready to keep up with one of the latest fitness trends, we have the right routine for you. People on TikTok swear by the “3-2-8 workout” to get fit, and once you try it, you’ll definitely be hooked. Not only that, it’s also a great way to boost your muscle strength and metabolism. We know you might be a little skeptical and wondering if this fitness trend really lives up to the hype. Well, this workout is curated by personal trainer and certified Pilates instructor, Natalie Rose, so you know it’s a must-try.

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What is the 3-2-8 workout method?


It’s always a great idea to change things up in your workout routine. Not only can it boost your progress, but it also keeps you from getting bored with what you’re doing. The 3-2-8 workout covers a lot of good stuff. You’ll do three barre/Pilates workouts per week, two days of strength training, and aim for 8,000 steps per day.

Rose explains in her video: “If you’re ready to get in the best shape of your life, start the 3-2-8 method. I started this method when I stopped using the birth control and I gained a lot of weight. I I really didn’t know what to do and I didn’t get any good advice from the doctors. All they suggested I do was start some exercises that would help. Low blood pressure and lower cortisol levels or go back on birth control, which I didn’t want to do. So I started following this method, and I lost a lot, but I also found find a method that works for my body and also allows me to stay consistent, because I don’t end up exhausted.”

What will week 3-2-8 look like?

Here’s a breakdown of what your week would look like when following the 3-2-8 method:

  • Monday: Full-body strength training
  • Tuesday: Lower body single bar exercise
  • Wednesday: May jogging
  • Thursday: Lower body strength training
  • Friday: Barre or Pilates workout
  • Saturday: 10 minutes of Pilates

People on TikTok can’t say enough good things about the workout plan. A TikToker who responded to one of Rose’s videos noted, “I’ve been doing the 3-2-8 with her for two weeks and I can feel a big difference. Imagine what that would be like.” could happen in 12 weeks. She definitely wasn’t lying.” Another wrote: “I’ve been planning this for a month and girl, I see a DIFFERENCE.”

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Below are the benefits of the 3-2-8 training method.

woman with pilates magic circle doing abdominal exercises

Eat this, not that! has reached out Tyler readfounder of and a personal trainer who has been involved in the world of health and fitness for the past 15 years, to discuss the benefits of this exercise routine.

Read tells us: “There are a number of reasons why this is an effective method to get fit. Barre/Pilates exercises are great for muscle toning and flexibility, core strength core and maintaining low impact helps reduce wear and tear on your joints.” “Two strength training exercises will help build muscle, increase bone density and train general function for daily activities. Finally, walk 8,000 steps a day,” he adds. [supports] good cardiovascular health, burn more calories and can help improve mental health by reducing stress and releasing endorphins.”

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According to Read, combining these exercises together provides a variety of physical adaptations that a specific exercise typically cannot address. A combination of cardio strength and group fitness classes can also provide more benefits than if you focus on just one form of exercise.

Read points out, “If you’re someone who easily gets bored or tired of a single regimen, variety can keep you engaged and committed to your fitness program. In the long run , long-term consistency is responsible for maximum benefit from any fitness plan.”

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