Louisiana lost 160,000 from Medicaid Insurance

According to state data, Louisiana has removed more than 160,000 people from its Medicaid rolls since federal protections that kept coverage in place during the pandemic ended in April. Of those, at least 53,079 people (about 33%) are children. Medicaid is a public health insurance program primarily for low-income people. It also includes some elderly … Read more

People swear by the ‘3-2-8’ weight loss workout: ‘I lost so much weight’

People swear by the '3-2-8' weight loss workout: 'I lost so much weight'

If you’re ready to keep up with one of the latest fitness trends, we have the right routine for you. People on TikTok swear by the “3-2-8 workout” to get fit, and once you try it, you’ll definitely be hooked. Not only that, it’s also a great way to boost your muscle strength and metabolism. … Read more

Woman lost 30 kg by eating lean meat

The young girl admitted that she has always loved junk food, especially sweets, since she was a child. Weighing 82kg when she was in 9th grade, she was isolated by her friends because she was overweight. She also lost confidence. She can’t muster enough discipline and determination when trying to diet or exercise. Her persistent … Read more