What is Barre? This exercise can help you burn calories, strengthen your core muscles, and sculpt your body

It’s no surprise that regular exercise is an important part of living a healthy life. And luckily, there are many types of exercises, from fat-burning HIIT to relaxing yoga (which can also do wonders for your core strength!). However, sometimes it is difficult to find a method that not only targets your health goals but also interesting.If you’re bored of running on the treadmill to burn calories or repeating the same ab exercises every day, maybe it’s time to change things up with a workout that can help you transform your body. but still fun. If you haven’t tried it yet barriers However, we are here to tell you to get on board.

But what exactly is barre and what are the main benefits? To get the 411, we spoke with fitness expert Tanya Becker, Co-Founder of Physique 57Method. She tells us that barre combines a little bit of everything, from Pilates to dance, for muscle toning, weight loss, etc. Find all of her expert insights below.

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What is barre?

Before we dive into all the amazing benefits of barre, it’s worth knowing exactly what it is—and it turns out, it’s very important. much of everything! According to Becker, barre is a combination of strength training, dance, Pilates and yoga. It truly gives you the best of all worlds! It works by targeting and toning specific muscle groups, like your core, arms, legs, and glutes. The result, she says, is a workout that can help increase strength, flexibility, balance and “total body transformation.”

You may be wondering what makes the difference between different types of cardiovascular exercise. To start, Becker points out that options like running, cycling and swimming do more to stimulate your heart and lungs than to tone and sculpt your muscles. Additionally, HIIT and other aerobic exercises require a greater range of motion from larger muscle groups, while barre allows you to “perform higher reps and endure a position or exercise longer.” thanks to “small movements or isometric movements, where your muscles contract, but there is no visible movement of the joints.” As Becker explains, “the classes focus more on control than motivation for a low-impact workout.”

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However, she points out, there are barre exercises that are “upbeat and use high-energy exercise sequences that combine traditional, bodyweight barre exercises with metabolic movements, burn fat continuously.” For example, Physique 57 barre workouts “incorporate fast-paced movements for a cardiovascular workout that tones, tones and strengthens your body while increasing your heart rate to burn more calories.” .” These workouts combine upper-body strengthening exercises, ballet moves for the thighs and butt (which help you burn calories), and abdominal exercises.

“Due to the low-impact, alignment and form-focused nature of barre, it is suitable and effective for people of all ages and fitness levels,” says Becker. “It’s great for everyone!”

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Benefits of barre

Okay, so now we know what barre is. But what can it do to transform your body? The benefits are many. Becker shared a few things with us.

  • Sculpture and melody – Are you looking for lean muscles and a toned body that makes you feel strong and confident? Barre can help you “build lean muscles like a dancer” and “improve body alignment and posture to exude strength, grace and confidence,” says Becker.

  • burn calories – If your goal is to burn calories and lose weight, barre covers that too. “Cardiovascular exercises combined with gaining lean muscle will boost your metabolic rate,” says Becker. “Benefits from an accelerated metabolism up to 72 hours post-workout with the strength training afterburn.”

  • Core strength – Becker tells us that Barre can do wonders for your core. It works to “develop your deep abdominals, obliques, and back muscles to support your daily activities, keep your spine healthy, and improve your balance and posture.”

  • Bone density – Bone density can be a common concern as we age. Luckily, in addition to improving your diet, exercises like barre can help “improve overall bone health and build bone density with weight-bearing, strength training exercises.” , Becker said.

  • Endurance + endurance –According to Becker, barre is a great way to “increase your overall fitness level through high-rep movements, strength and cardiovascular exercises.”

  • The power of spirit – Exercise isn’t just about your body! It’s also great for your mental health. “Strengthen your mind-body connection and mood!” Becker said. “Build your resilient muscles and power through our workouts, while lifting your spirits with invigorating rhythms, supportive coaches, inspiration, and community.” our friendly community.” Amazing!

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How to get started with barre

Does all of this sound great to you? If you’re looking to start your journey, there’s good news: barre is a great choice for anyone at any fitness level. Becker offers advice for those who want to get started.

“Just make sure to increase your speed as you build your strength,” she says. “The beauty of barre exercises is that you can feel them working – you may notice muscles you’ve never felt before and you’ll feel a burn in your muscles, which is a sign shows your body is changing. Most importantly, find a well-trained, knowledgeable instructor, start with a beginner class when available, listen to your body and Shake it as needed. You’ll be amazed at how stronger you get after each workout session and how quickly you see results,” she concludes. Perfect!

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