Forget push-ups – train your chest and triceps with this 15-minute, three-move dumbbell chest workout

Woman holding two dumbbells out in front of her at shoulder height during outdoor workout in the sunshine

Is it just me or is upper body training getting old? If you want the best set of adjustable dumbbells and do something new with them, this is a three-move chest workout worth your time. It only takes 15 minutes but you’ll get a pump throughout your chest, shoulders and triceps, so if your fitness … Read more

How ‘micro’ breaks during the day can help reduce work burnout’flow + rest = success’

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Leopatrizi | E+ | beautiful images As employees are facing the highest ever rates of burnout due to workplace stress, companies and researchers are increasingly looking for ways to prevent this toll on the workforce. their labor. One such company is Exos, a performance coaching company, which teamed up with psychologists from Hofstra University to … Read more